Nike Shoes-Best For Tennis


Nike has been around for more than 50 years and has spent decades learning about how to create excellent shoes for a variety of athletic and non-athletic occasions. The expertise and design of their shoes have led to some amazingly successful shoes that have effortlessly stood the test of time both in terms of appearance and functionality.

For nurses that spend long hours standing or walking around Nike’s shoes can be extremely beneficial for minimizing stress on the feet and joints. Nike offers a wide variety of excellent lightweight athletic shoes that are great for nurses who spend a lot of time moving from place to place during long work shifts.

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If you’re a fan of Nike’s classic Air Max shoes then you’ll definitely want to give their Nike Women’s Air Max 90 Prem Running Shoe a close look. These shoes are a reengineered version of the class Air Max 90, and according to the designer they offer the same level of quality and comfort that can be found in the original shoe.

The shoe incorporates a breathable mesh design to keep the feet cool as you move around, and a full-length PU midsole helps keep your feet cushioned and comfortable throughout the day. On the exterior of the shoe you can choose from an all white or black style to fit your outfit and job requirements.

Rubber out-soles with deep grooves help maintain grip on a variety of surfaces and minimize slippage as you walk around.


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