, the leading sports news service in the United Kingdom has done a recent study to find the best Premiere league manager for all of the top football clubs.  With the help of world renowned sports handicapper and football bettor Jon Price of sports information traders, the list has been compiled and the king has been crowned.

Sir Alex Ferguson, the winner of 13 Premier League Titles, is crowned as the best manager in the era. In second place was Arsne Wagner and the Bronze winner is current Chelsea skipper Jose Mourinho. Wegner, who has not had as stealthy as a run as Ferguson, has been a consistent winner each season and thus earns the silver ranking. In tenth place was Roy Evans and in 4th and 5th place are the last two managers of Manchester City: Robert Mancini and current manager Manuel Pellirgini respectfully.

To compile the list, Sky Sports analyzed the amount of points scored in each game paired with the amount of time the coach had been leading his team. A strong attribute is also the amount of titles won and how many times the managers have had their teams finish in the top four. The metrics then added in some fun mathematics such as the points per game multiplied by 10 and 50 points given for a title championship. 15 additional points were added for a top four finish but not given if the managers team won the championship. If a manager was there for 500 games, then he would received an additional 25 points.

Now for the penalties in soccer. This is where Harry Redknapp fell off, losing points for relegation. His relegations with Southampton and QPR put him out of the top twenty.

The list and rankings broken down can be seen below:

Some additional and interesting notes on the list is Rafael Benitez who is a Spainard managing Liverpool earlier this past decade from 2004-2010. They just missed out on a championship over Manchester United and he is now back coaching Chelsea. Price believes that Ferguson is rightfully ranked at the top. He reviews soccer statistics above and beyond what any average punter or fan ever does and says straight up “The numbers don’t lie Ferguson is the best manager out there.”

Other sports news sites outside of America located in the United Kingdom such as Metro Sports have great betting information and statistics for punters looking to get an extra edge.