There is a crazy new sport making its rounds on the blog and YouTube circuit as of late and it looks awesome. Bubble Soccer (or Bubble Football for those outside of the US) is the name and a wildly good time is its game. As cliché as that may sound, it is the perfect way to describe the pure silliness this game invokes. The team at BubbleBall has taken traditional soccer and gift wrapped it in a torso sized bubble. Players wear this barrier on their upper halves, effectively turning them into human wrecking balls running around the field and into each other. The result is just what you would expect it to be: amazing. Bouncing, falling, and haplessly rolling around are all par for the course in this uniquely innovative take on the “beautiful game.” High speed bubble bumps create mayhem in their wake and do something that very few sports before have effectively accomplished – Bubble Soccer is seriously funny.

Sports can often be way too uptight, especially when being played in a recreational setting, but Bubble Soccer is not that. The sport has a way of providing a bit of humor to help make this entire experience totally entertaining whether you’re a participant or a spectator. The best way to describe watching fully grown adults and teens bouncing and bashing their way to victory is pure joy. This game still creates a sense of competition and allows for the brilliant plays associated with traditional soccer skills; however, the addition of the inflatable ball puts an entirely new spin on a team’s tactics and approach to the game. Carefully planned bumps can create wide open scoring opportunities and leave defenders haplessly rolling around trying to recover and if your not in it for the skilled strategy then tighten your cleats and start steamrolling your friends! A knockdown might not be a statistic but you can definitely have a good time as well as win if your opponent is spending most of his time regaining his posture.


What is most important is that BubbleBall hit a homerun when creating Bubble Soccer. It’s accessible, it’s easy to play, and it’s fun. Bubble Soccer takes that innate desire to bash into things and makes it safe and fun in a way that no game before has seemed to accomplish. Just watch  the video below to see the sheer beauty of orchestrated chaos! The creators at BubbleBall came up with the perfect realization of most childhood dreams, organized chaos without risk! Players take and dish out huge hits only to feel pain in their abs from laughter or bruises in their ego from losing, its brilliant. Luckily, Bubble Soccer is spreading into the US quickly so stay tuned for a league starting in your area or perhaps buy your own bubbles for unlimited fun!

What do you think of bubble soccer? Would you give it a try? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Ashley Roberts