You’re going to Brazil to enjoy the World Cup, but when you’re not watching soccer I doubt you’ll be sitting in your hotel room twiddling your thumbs. You will need to spend your time doing lots of exciting things and we’re going to look at a few of them today. If you realize anything it’s that you’ll certainly not get bored from the moment you touch down on Brazilian soil.

Play soccer on the beach


Brazilians aren’t the most skillful players in the world because they play on a full-sized pitch every weekend from a very young age. They play in cramped conditions with a small ball at there feet and one of the games they love to play is beach soccer. No doubt you’ll be lying on the beach relaxing in between games, so why don’t you try to show the locals how it’s done. You might even be able to start your own beach soccer world cup if there are enough fans around.

Try out a new sport

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Brazil has a few cool sports that don’t get mentioned too much because soccer is their number one sport. Brazilian jiu jitsu and capoeira are both popular martial arts you can try out when you’re over there because I’m sure you’ll find lots of clubs willing to let foreigners jump in for a few sessions. You might know a lot about Brazilian jiu jitsu because of the UFC, but wait until you see professionals perform capoeira as it’s a bit like karate mixed with gymnastics and dance.

Taste the cuisine

You don’t want to leave without tasting as much of the Brazilian cuisine as possible because it will be hard to find when you leave. Although it’s not one of the most popular cuisines in the world you can still hit up some amazing restaurants. Vegetarians will love Brazil because of all the dishes filled with rice and beans, but meat eaters will be equally as satisfied. Some of their dishes even have African roots and don’t forget to fill your belly at one of the many food carts littering the streets.

Hire a motorcycle

Motorcycles in Motion

Brazil has some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world and you’ll love riding up or down them on the back of a motorcycle. You’re lucky because a lot of the host cities are on the coast and they’re close to each other, so instead of flying from city to city you can ride there instead. You can even stop off in small towns when it gets dark to sleep for the night. Just be very careful because you’re in Brazil to enjoy yourself and you don’t want to go home with any injuries.

Don’t forget to party

If you come back from Brazil with anything it will be a new found love of partying because nobody else does it quite like them. When everyone is dancing around to samba music with a massive smile on their face you’ll feel like you’re in heaven, but just don’t drink too much or you might not be able to enjoy the soccer the following day. I’d love to say you’ll find the best parties in a specific city, but during the World Cup you’ll be able to find them all over the place.

You won’t win anyway

I don’t want to be negative but it’s not like we’re going to win the World Cup anyway. You might even be upset because you suffer a few defeats, so the most important thing is to make sure you’re enjoying yourself to the maximum when you’re not watching the games. It will ensure you love your holiday even if you don’t get to watch your fellow countrymen pick up the trophy.

Are you going to Brazil for the World Cup? What are you excited to do there? Let us know in the comments!