1 –Home-Field Advantage

When doing your homework for online sports betting, you have to look at basic realities. Few are more elemental than the presence of home-field advantage – who has it and who doesn’t. The Seahawks have secured home-field advantage in the NFC playoffs. They haven’t played a road game since Dec. 15, and they won’t have to leave home for the rest of January. This team will be rested, and it will be able to heal a number of injuries that have accumulated over the month of December. No, not every Seahawk will be in prime shape for the playoffs, but the two-week break between the end of the regular season and the start of the divisional playoff round on either Jan. 11 or 12 should prove valuable for this club. Seattle plays a high-energy style of defense. Being able to step away from football for a week and then engage in a full week of preparation for the divisional round should give the Seahawks the right combination of relaxation and focus for the playoffs. The one previous time in which Seattle made the Super Bowl was a year where the Seahawks went 13-3 and gained home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. There’s no real reason this season can’t be the same for a franchise that used to compete in the AFC West but is now in the NFC (and made its one Super Bowl from the NFC as well).

2 – Defense


When sports betting online at Betonline.ag, you have to look at both sides of the ball for each playoff team. Seattle’s offense is certainly struggling at this point, but the Seahawks defense is as good as it gets in the NFL. Even when the Seahawks lost twice in December to San Francisco (Dec. 8) and Arizona (Dec. 22), the defense didn’t allow 20 points. It’s going to be very hard to see how any NFC team will be able to score more than 20 points against this defense in the playoffs, and it’s hardly a sure thing that any team will be able to score as many as 14 points against this defense. As long as the offense doesn’t commit turnovers, and no special teams mistakes enter the picture, Seattle should have the formula it needs to win on its home field. The Seahawks probably won’t win in a pretty way, but they might very well be able to pound out a couple of 17-10 wins and then win the Super Bowl in New York.

3 – Familiarity With Pressure

This is a somewhat counterintuitive point. The Seahawks sailed through the first 14 games of their regular season but then struggled for much of the last two. Seattle finally lost a home game for the first time since 2011. The offense failed to click. This could all be seen as cause to doubt the Seahawks. However, Seattle had to experience pressure in its last two games, and that’s probably a good thing for a team that began to tighten up. This team can use a week off to recharge. Knowing that it lost in the divisional round of last season’s playoffs should also give this team a lot of motivation.

Who do you think will win the NFC? Can anyone knock off the Seahawks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!