1. Michelle Obama And Lebron Team Up– The Miami Heat have taken the video bombing game to a whole new level. It all started with Chris Bosh interrupting a post game Lebron interview, and from there, it was on. Dwyane Wade decided to up the athleticism by busting out this cartwheel behind another Lebron interview. But Lebron had decided that he was tired of getting bomb, and on the team’s recent trip to the White House, James secured alittle help with his video bomb masterpiece. Insert….the first lady Michelle Obama.

I think my favorite part about it is the stoic look Lebron gives the camera before it all starts. Then, after the fact, you can bust out some amateur lip reading and figure out that Lebron says “In your face!” to Allen, Wade, and Coach Spoelstra. Comedic gold once again from the boys from south beach.

2. Messi is Back– Lionel Messi was recently out for two months with a torn hamstring injury,which was only good news for his opponents in La Liga. For everyone else around the world, it was two months that they weren’t able to see the best soccer player in the world do his thing, and fortunately for them, that time is back. Over the weekend, Messi made his long awaited return, and didn’t disappoint, providing this incredible gem of a goal, knifing through four defenders, and juking the goalie to boot.


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