Another year of action packed sports is in the books, and that means it’s time to take a look back at some of the best GIFs of the year (in no particular order)! Below we have bloopers, jaw dropping plays, and some that are just plain head scratching.

1. Kareem and Louie: Besties?– Well this one was interesting. Kareem Abdul Jabbar  and Louie Anderson combined for one of the more awkward fist bumps ever recorded. I don’t know what’s funnier: the face Louie makes at the beginning, or the fact that Jabbar was almost left hanging.


2. Jet Fan confused– Well this face pretty much sums up how Jets fans have felt all season. One game, Geno Smith leads the team to a victory over the Saints. The next week, they get destroyed by the likes of the Buffalo Bills. It’s hard to describe their inconsistency, so we will just let this guy’s face tell it all. 


3.  Bad  baseball throw- Well I don’t think this is how he drew it up.


4. Funny dance– There is so much win in this GIF. The guy doing the lasso on the right is pretty funny. The kid’s face on the left is pretty hilarious. And the dude’s belly in the middle is epic. However, that guy’s face takes the cake for me. It’s like he’s making love to the camera. 


5. Sneaky Romo– I never saw this clip until I started looking for the best GIFs of the year. I wonder if they ended up getting the first down. Does anyone know? Clever little Romo.


6. Andy Reid Kool Aid- This GIF pretty much explains itself. I could watch this all day. I know…because I’ve done it before.


7. Butt slide- I don’t really know what the runner is going for here. I mean, he can see the butt right? Maybe he saw how popular Mark Sanchez’s butt fumble was, and wanted to be the butt blooper of 2013?


8. Manny Slide- Not sure which slide is worse. The one above, or Manny Ramirez coming up….very short. Like, laughably short.


9. Kid Pants Down- Earlier in the year, this toddler broke the internet. My question is: where are the parents? No one seems to be in any rush to get the kid off the court. Maybe it’s the commentator’s kid and he’s too busy working? Not sure, but either way, it’s hilarious.


10. Stafford Face- This is probably the “butt fumble” GIF of 2013. This was in the epic Snow Bowl of 2012 between the Lions and the Eagles, and Stafford was, needless to say, a bit surprised by the early snap. I’m not sure why the camera man was zoomed in so close on Stafford’s face, but boy am I glad he did!


11. Peyton Bootleg- Peyton is a magician!


12. Auburn Hail Mary- If you guessed that this isn’t the last Auburn GIF on this list, then you are correct. If you also guess that this isn’t the last display of horrible defense on a hail mary, you are also correct.


13. What was Baltimore Doing Again?- One of my favorite sayings about sports is that there are some things that can’t be explained. Well that is what I would say about the Baltimore defense here. A defensive back is always told to simply knock down hail marys, and not only do they not do that, they decided to do the opposite. As a result, AJ Green happened. 

14. Cowboys Giants- If there is a GIF that doesn’t perfectly describe the Cowboys of the last five years, I couldn’t find it. Apparently, they forgot how to defense.


15. Auburn Bama ending- And of course, no sports list of 2013 would be complete without the play of the year, and maybe the play of the century so far. That is about all that needs to be said. 

Did you favorite GIF miss the list? Let us know in the comments!