Golf has always been viewed as a sport for the boys, but nowadays there are more women playing than ever before. Some people think of golf as more than a sport. It’s their passion and when they leave the house and head to the course they get very excited. If you have been thinking about starting a new hobby you definitely wouldn’t regret picking up a set of clubs. We’re going to look at some of the benefits you might get from the beautiful game.

It’s great for networking

Men have been networking on the golf course for years and it’s about time you got involved. You can make it easier to slide up the company ladder by wiping the floor with your managers. If you can get on the course with them you will turn into more than a random face. Has anyone ever told you it’s who you know and not what you know? You will never be able to step foot on the course with anyone if you don’t know how to hit a ball, so you need to know how to play.

Have a fun day out

Every single person in the world needs to find something they love to do because it will make their life a lot more enjoyable. When you go around 18 holes it could take you the best part of a morning to get finished then you can go and have a drink in the clubhouse when you’re done. It’s a great way to spend your weekend because you will enjoy every second of it. You’ve got to admit that it sounds more fun than sitting around the house watching TV.

Become a lot fitter

You might think golf isn’t a great way to get fit, but you will change your mind after you have walked around a whole course. It’s even harder when you carry your clubs because they aren’t exactly as light as a feather. Not only will you end up increasing your cardiovascular endurance, but you will burn a lot of energy and you will end up with a flat stomach. Getting in the best shape of your life has never been so much fun.


Say goodbye to any stress

When you have a hundred different things running through your head it’s hard to concentrate on anything. The golf course is the perfect place to leave all that behind because as soon as you step out onto the course your head will be completely empty. You will be concentrating so much on your next shot that all your troubles will disappear for a few hours. If you play often it will have a huge impact on your life.

You can make new friends

I’ve already told you that golf is becoming more popular with females all around the world, but they are definitely the minority. That means there will be a lot more men walking around and if you’re single it’s the perfect place to meet someone. You already have one thing in common so you’re off to a great start. You won’t have too much time to connect with people on the course, but that is what the clubhouse is for.

Improve your skills

Golf is one of those sports you will never be great at. There is a huge gap between the best player in the world and regular Jane that hits a few balls every weekend. That means you will always be able to improve. Your skills will get sharper every week in life. If you are motivated by constantly trying to improve you will love golf because getting better is something you always have to aim for.

Are you going to try?

When you’re starting out you should book some lessons and you will be shown exactly what to do. You might be a natural and if you are you’ll pick it up straight away. You’ll never know unless you try.