Even though some people might like to say they play golf for enjoyment, deep down inside they love beating their friends at the weekend. I’ve explained to people 6 ways they can easily improve their game so they can be the one smiling in the club house once it’s all said and done.

Golf is one of the most relaxing ways to spend your day, but let’s not kid ourselves that taking part is the most important thing. Winning is what it’s all about and when you’re having drinks in the clubhouse after you come in it always feels great knowing you were victorious. You are allowed to keep that smile on your face all day because until next week you are the champion. It doesn’t matter that you’re not the best in the world because for that one day you’re better than your friends.

You can’t magically become amazing at golf overnight. If one of your friends has the smile on their face in the clubhouse then you have to work very hard to take it away from them. You can bet they’ll be looking up ways they can stomp your face in the mud too, only they will never tell you this. If you want to improve your game by a decent number of strokes we’re going to look at ways you can do it now. Work hard and it won’t be long before you’re winning on a regular basis.

Learn to visualize

When you’re practicing your swing you want to make sure you are following through and visualizing the ball traveling down the fairway. People make the mistake of just swinging the club and losing focus when they hit their imaginary ball, but what you don’t realize is that you don’t do this when hitting an actual ball. It seems strange to practice something only 50% and you will notice an improvement when you start doing it right.

Stretch regularly

Hitting a golf ball onto the green isn’t about trying to see how hard you can hit it. It’s a lot more poetic and your body needs to be supple. Your shoulders need to rotate smoothly and your hips need to swing effortlessly if you want to hit the ball as sweetly as possible. This will come much more natural to you if you are as flexible as a cat. Stretching every morning and evening will make a big difference and it’s something a champion would do.


Get a proper teacher

You might have been playing the game since you were a small child, but nobody is good enough that they don’t need a proper teacher to help them. You might have picked up some nasty habits over the years you’ve been practicing and without someone to pick up on them you will never improve as much as you know you should. A good teacher will record you playing and you can sit down to watch where you’re making mistakes.

A short controlled backswing

When you bring the club back it makes sense to go as far back as possible because you have more time to build up speed when you bring it forward. This sounds good in theory, but it’s sadly not the case and if you bring it too far back it can completely mess up your swing. You should know by now that bringing it back slowly is the best way to do it, so because you’re not moving the club at great speed you should be able to stop at different points and see which one is improving your distance the best.

Learn to minimize spin

You want your drive to be as smooth as possible and this means striking the ball cleanly. You don’t want to put any spin on it because it’s going to affect the distance it travels. Getting to the green in one less stroke can have a big impact on your scorecard even if you only manage it a few times per round, so it’s important you get this right. Try raising your tee a little higher and it will reduce the chance you have of getting on top of it. You also want to refrain yourself from moving forward once the ball has been struck.

Practice at night


You don’t need to wait until you’re out on the course to practice because you will be playing under pressure against your friends. The best thing you can do is practice in your own time when you have some available. Go down to the driving range a few nights per week and hit a hundred balls. It will only take a few hours and your game will improve a lot. If you have young kids take them onto a pitch and putt course so you can practice your short game while teaching them the beauty of golf.

What do you think of our tips? Got any of your own? Let us know in the comments!