As anyone who has ever bet on the NFL will know, the difference between victory and defeat can often come down to the quarterback , the whole game usually resting solely on the individual in question’s throwing arm. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning both still ply their trade in the NFL and without a shadow of a doubt will be first ballot Hall of Famers when they retire. The million dollar question is: which of these quarterbacks is better?

Manning is a second-generation quarterback (his father Archie Manning also played professional football for the New Orleans Saints). Manning enjoyed a successful 14-year stint with the Indianapolis Colts after being the first pick of the 1998 draft. In his first season he broke five NFL rookie records including most touchdown passes in a season with 26, and he went on to help them win the Super Bowl in 2006. On a personal level, Manning has been named MVP four times. As of 2012 Manning has been playing for the Denver Broncos and the Titan Bet best odds for the Super Bowl consistently show Manning’s presence to be a huge factor in bettors backing the NFL outfit.

Tom Brady’s beginnings in the NFL were markedly different. He was the 199th pick in the draft of 2000 and only got his shot to lead the New England Patriots after QB Drew Bledsoe was injured. Brady took his chance and never looked back. He has the longest regular season winning streak in NFL history with 21 games and has three Super Bowl rings to boot. He has also been named MVP twice.

Tom-Brady-Peyton Manning

Looking at the stats, Peyton Manning averages around 4,249 yards a season and 31 touchdowns per year. He also has an impressive 95.7% passer rating. On the other side Brady throws approximately 4,073 yards a season and  30 touchdowns a year but has a passer rating of 96.6%. The two players are known for their differing styles with Brady being a sharp shooter and Manning liking to play the role of field general. Brady has had the more successful career but in all fairness he has been surrounded by better receivers, such as Randy Moss, with the Patriots famously backed by the millions of food producer Kraft. For natural ability, though, Manning scoops the prize. His stats are better despite him playing for a weaker team, and there is no quarterback in the league, including Tom Brady, that elevates the game of the players surrounding him like Peyton Manning. If Manning can win his second ring this year, his ranking over Brady will be unquestioned.

Who would your rather have right now: Tom Brady or Peyton Manning? Which has had the better overall career? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Alex Jackson