Any guy who is into football will be aware that it is a physically and mentally draining sport. No stat speaks volumes to that more than this: the average career for a player in the NFL is just four years.

There are a select few players that appear to have been born to have long NFL careers, but, even these player have had to put some serious work in with regard to both exercise and diet in order to maintain and prolong their NFL careers…

Vernon Davis

At 6’3” and 250 pounds, Vernon Davis, or “The Duke” as he is known, is clearly blessed with an ideal physique for playing football. But there can be no doubt that he makes the most of his gifts with a tireless exercise regime and diet plan.


While his regime is nothing out of the ordinary for an athlete, his strict protein-based, low-carb diet – supplemented by creatine monohydrate to help strength building excercises. It is essential to “The Duke’s” need to augment his natural athleticism for continued success. Davis’ athletic ability is so well maintained that he can sprint 40 yards in 4.4 seconds and can squat just under 700 pounds.

Adrian Peterson

This Minnesota Viking and 2007 Offensive Rookie of the Year gained his nickname “All Day”, through his tireless dedication to training in both the gym and on the football field itself.

At 6’ 1” and 217 pounds, Peterson has remained ahead of the pack ever since he began playing as a child. As a four-time Pro-Bowler, Peterson has certainly earned his place in NFL history.

Of course, Peterson owes much of his continued success to endless hours he spends in the gym. He pays special attention to leg routines, in which his calves, in addition to his quads and hamstrings, are targeted. This is achieved through leg squats, full squats and lunges which ultimately enable the running back to achieve his blistering turn of speed.

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