There are lists all over the internet for which stadium is the best in the NFL, NBA, MLB and so on. However, if you were to look up the best Lacrosse venues, you aren’t going to find much.

So it’s time to get the trend started as there are some great places to watch a game of lacrosse. Here are 10 of the very best in the United States:

10. Peter Barton Lacrosse Stadium – Denver, CO

The capacity of PBLS may only be around the 2,000 mark, but the atmosphere makes for a great venue. It is also pretty new, being built in 2005 for just over $6 million. Since being built, the Pioneers at the University of Denver have reached the Final Four twice.

9. Navy-Marine Corp Memorial Stadium – Annapolis, MD

Although the home of the Midshipmen is built mainly for football, there is plenty of lacrosse that takes place within the confines. With a capacity of 34,000 fans, it is definitely among the largest.

Renovations in 2004 make the stadium up-to-date among venues in the nation and in 2005, the Chesapeake Bayhawks of Major League Lacrosse began to call the venue their home.

8. Louisville Lacrosse Stadium – Louisville, KY

Although it is among the smallest venues on the list (capacity of just over 1,000) it’s the location that makes it special. The state of Kentucky is not usually considered a hotbed for lacrosse, so the uniqueness gives it a special feel. It was completed in 2006.

7. Michigan Stadium – Ann Arbor, MI


“The Big House” is home to one of the most prestigious football teams in the country, but it also serves as the home for Wolverine lacrosse games. The sheer size (capacity of 110,000) can make it a bit dull without a full crowd, but it also makes it something to behold.

6. Fetzer Field – Chapel Hill, NC

As the home to four national championships and players such as defensive stalwart Dane Almassy, there is a lot of history in Fetzer Field. It also holds a good sized crowd with a capacity for over 5,000 fans with over 6,000 witnessing a victory over Notre Dame in 1998.

5. Arlotta Stadium – South Bend, IN

Speaking of Notre Dame, the new stadium (completed in 2009) is easily the best in the midwest to watch a lacrosse game. There’s a lot of tradition surrounding the stadium with the basketball and football venues nearby and “Touchdown Jesus” looking over it.

4. James M. Shuart Stadium – Hempstead, NY

Technically there are three lacrosse teams that call this stadium home with the New York Cosmos and Lizards playing home games there.

With a capacity of 12,000 fans, it’s one of the largest venues that is built for the main purpose of lacrosse. Hofstra fans love the sport, too, which makes the atmosphere amazing for a game.

3. Klockner Field – Charlottesville, VA

The venue is starting to get a bit old (20 years) but has aged very well. It’s home to one of the most successful programs in all of college lacrosse, so fans will find it to be very tradition filled and inviting.

It also holds over 8,000 fans and the seats are usually filled by people wanting to cheer on the Cavaliers.

2. Homewood Field – Baltimore, MD

At over 100 years old, it is known as the “Yankee Stadium of Lacrosse”. With all of the history (most national titles and all-time wins in history), the Blue Jays have found massive success, and their fans are a big reason for that.

1. Carrier Dome – Syracuse, NY


Fans of the Orange are wild and loud, which make this the best place in the country to watch Lacrosse. The interesting part of the Carrier Dome is the fact that it is used for not only lacrosse and football, but basketball as well.

If you have to visit two stadiums, make sure this is one and Homewood is the other.

Did your favorite lacrosse venue make the list? Do you agree with the Carrier Dome as #1? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Ashley Roberts