1. Houston Not Happy with Shaq– Future hall-of-fame Center Shaquille O’Neal and current NBA star Dwight Howard have had an interesting pass. When the two were still playing at the same time, they remained cordial enemies, often playfully one upping the other. However, since Shaq’s retirement, the playfulness has disappeared, and the two are simply trading back barbs that are slowly building up to more than a war of words. When recently asked about Howard leaving for Houston, Shaq had this to say.  Well it looks like Houston doesn’t appreciate Shaq talking bad about their city. Check out this hilarious, and yet still intimidating clip of a kid who doesn’t like Mr. O’Neal right now.

2. Kobe Mirrors Jordan…Again–   Last year, a video went viral on youtube that showed just how frighteningly similar some of Kobe Bryant’s moves have been to Michael Jordan, the man widely considered the greatest of all time. Well, there has been another video made that once again shows the two stars once again playing with nearly identical movement. It is nearly impossible to say that Bryant will ever be considered better than Jordan.  However, it’s not a stretch to say that they are in the same level, with Bryant hoping to shake off his recent achilles tendon injury. Check out the amazing video below.


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