Normally here at Sportsinvasion we highlight two of the biggest stories from the sports world for the day, but sometimes, a  video comes along that deserves it’s own post. That is the case today. Football is back, and while Super Bowl XLIX is months away, the start of preseason football has the country buzzing. Well Eli and Peyton Manning are getting you pumped up for the season, with an instant classic video for Direct TV.

The Mannings have delievered some comedic gold in their times off of the gridiron in their careers. Both have hosted SNL, and both of them provided memorable and hilarious routines. Of course the skit that most remember from the episode with Peyton Manning is the United Way, where he “mentored” kids in an after-school sports program.  And my personal favorite from Eli’s was the motion capture, where he celebrates a TD by making a sandwich.

Well now, the brothers have paired up in a video that is unlike anything I thought I would ever seen. It’s pretty simple. It’s Eli and Peyton Manning….rapping. Not only that, but their get up is absolutely ridiculous. Perhaps the only thing that’s more ridiculous then the clothes that Eli is wearing is the hair that he has. Whoever thought they would see Eli Manning wearing a fro.  It’s just amazing. Enough talking about it. Check out the amazing video below.



The start of the football season of course also means the start of our extensive coverage. Soon we will be posting our predictions for the AFC and the NFC. In addition, we will be posting a few things about fantasy football, and talk about some of the weekly lines that we love. And if college football is more your thing, then be sure to look out for our weekly Conference recaps once the season kicks off.

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