1. Reggie Wayne Catch– Can we all just say it together: Thank god football is back!!  Now the jaw-dropping, how did they do that plays will be flooding the weekend Sportscenters, and Reggie Wayne gets us started with an amazing catch against the New York Giants. Wayne got one-on-one coverage deep, but Andrew Luck under-threw the ball. Well what should have been a sure fire interception turned into a one of a kind touchdown thanks to a heads up play by Reggie Wayne.



2. Utah State Celebration- Of course, the return of football also means the return of hilarious touchdown celebration. Even though the No-Fun-League has outlawed extensive team celebration, there can still be a few gems, or in this case, a few bloopers that will put a smile on your face. 5’7 Receiver Bruce Natson got an over the shoulder pass, and a few of his teammates gathered in a circle around him for an expected celebration. Well nothing happen until Natson broke loose, then sought out lineman Eric Schultz. Natson tried to get Schultz to lift him up, but the end result looked like it came straight from a WWE show. Check out the funny blooper below.



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