With July 1 anxious to see what next season’s rosters are going to look like. Although the finals are still in full swing, many NBA fans whose teams don’t happen to be either the Spurs or Heat are already looking beyond them to see what the future holds.  There are some big name free agents on the market this year that could change the face of the NBA next season.

This summer teams are going to be giving their best sales pitches to get these top free agents to help them win a championship. And, they obviously won’t come cheap. However, there are teams with plenty of money to spend and some big impact players to spend it on. Here is a look at the top 7 unrestricted free agents this summer.

 Dwight Howard

Currently playing for the Lakers, Howard is a seven time all-star center who will be a free agent come July 1. The Lakers will do their best to get him to stay, but there are a few other teams that will do their best to lure him away from LA. The Lakers have had a borderline embarrassing season, but the cash they can offer him just may keep him around. He is worth a max contract that will be about $117 million over 5 years. The Lakers can offer him $30 million more than other teams, but that won’t stop them from doing all they can to get the NBA’s most dominant center to join their franchise.

Chris Paul

As a point guard for the LA Clippers, Paul and his skills have literally given the Clippers a total makeover. Paul is definitely one of the most talented point guards in the NBA today, and many analysts would actually rank him as the top point guard. Once again, his team wants him to stick around – for obvious reasons, and they have the funds to do so. However, they have a few coaching issues to work out before it’s a done deal. He is certainly worth a max contract of $107 million over five years.

Josh Smith


After playing in Atlanta for nine years, it looks like Smith may be looking for a better fit than the Hawks. He is a forward who can pull off plays that other forwards only dream of. The Hawks offered him a $47 million extension contract, which he declined. He either was not impressed with the money or is looking for a different team. Either way Houston, Boston, Phoenix, New Orleans, Philadelphia and the Lakers will all be giving him a good look.

David West

His performance in the playoffs has made him a heavy hitter in the fight for free agents. He if often underrated as a forward by many people, but offers an all around package that can be a big benefit to any team. He is not near as expensive as other free agents (more or less $50-$65 million over five years), but will change the culture of whichever team lands him. As a phenomenal leader and a player who has and the kickoff of free agency around the corner, basketball lovers are already getting helped the Pacers a great deal, especially in their recent playoff run, it is looking like West will be staying in Indiana.

Andrew Bynum

His knees kept him from playing this season, but when healthy, Bynum can really hold his place on the court. Philadelphia didn’t get any playing time from him this season, but they are going to try and get him back just to recapture something from the $17 million they put into him the season. Some teams may hesitate to take on an injured center, but it is looking like the Mavericks may be willing to take the risk and make a hard push for Bynum.

 Al Jefferson

This emerging Utah Jazz star is a center that is in the prime of his career. At only 28 years old, he is not only in his prime, but has a lot of good years left in him. He is a huge center who can really open up the floor for his teammates. He is a talented scorer and will be coveted by many teams even if he isn’t a great defender.

Where do you think these guys will end up? Do you want one of them on your team? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Andrew Zurchen with Connor Sports – specialists in wood gym flooring as well as other sports court flooring. Andrew loves reading and writing about anything basketball related.