Well the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat just wrapped up one of the most exciting NBA Finals in recent memory, and Game 7 was no exception, as the Heat barely hung on to claim their second title in a row. Here are a few thoughts we have on the series.

1. Lebron Cements His Legacy– Lebron James has had himself a big couple of years. After hearing nothing but criticism about his game, and his constant short comings in 4th quarts of big games, James silenced the critics with a huge 4th Quarter performance in Game 6 that set his team up for the improbably comeback, then putting up arguably the best game of his career, given the circumstances in Game 7. I think it’s time for the Lebron critics to be quiet (looking at you Skip Bayless). Lebron has already done enough to establish himself as not only a first ballot hall of famer, but easily one of the top 20 players of all-time, and has plenty of time to move up that list as his career moves on.

2. Ray Allen is a First Ballot Hall of Famer– The greatest three point shooter of all time may have already been one before this series, but his game tying three pointer in Game 6 was not only a shot that will be remembered for years to come, but was also the biggest shot of his career. Allen has made several huge threes, including game tying and winning playoff ones, but he’s never made a shot like that, on a stage as big as this. Allen was a great compliment to the Heat squad, and were it not for him, the Heat would have been on their couches instead of Game 7 a few nights ago.


3. The Spurs are Still Great- It seemed like many people were ready to write off the Spurs coming into this season. They had not won a title since the 2006-2007 season, and had a few disappointing results in the past years. Even though they made the Western Conference Finals last year, many thought they were too old, but thanks to great play from young guys like Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard, they were right back to being seconds away from another title. Tony Parker still appears to be in his prime, but Tim Duncan only has a couple more years left, and Manu Ginobli looked down right lost way too much in this finals, especially in the end of Game 7. Having said all that, as long as you have Gregg Popovich at the helm, you will be just fine, though for the first time in his career, he made some very questionable decision late in the big games.

4. What does Dwyane Wade Do Next Year?– It’s no secret that Wade struggled at times in this finals. Not only did he struggle, he simply put disappeared for extended periods of time far too often. He was riddled with injuries this year, and though he will have the summer to rest them off, you have to wonder how healthy he can stay next year. Make no mistake, Wade will have to still play at a very high level if the Heat want to 3-peat next year. Speaking of that….


5. The Heat Will Be Favorites Again Next Year– The rest of the NBA is catching up to Miami. The Indiana Pacers are a great up and coming team, and while I can’t explain their disappearing act in Game 7 against the Heat, they pushed them to the limit. With other teams like the Memphis Grizzlies and Golden State Warriors, amongst others, emerging, next year could be the hardest year for the Heat to win. I’m not convinced that they will get the 3-peat, but at this point, you are crazy to think they aren’t the favorites.

What did you think of the NBA Finals? Has your opinion on Lebron James changed? Will the Heat win again next year? We want to hear from you! Let us know in the comments!