1. RIP Deacon Jones-  We have mixed stories today. First, we start off on a sad note, as NFL Hallf of Famer and well known football legend Deacon Jones passed away yesterday at 74 years of age. The death was of natural causes. Jones was a defensive end who lead the “Fearsome Foursome” of the Rams in the 60’s, and remained a popular figure in the game well after his retirment. NFL commisher Roger Goddell tweeted this about Jones. “Even with his fellow Hall of Famers, Deacon Jones held a special status. He was an icon among the icons. He is warmly regarded by his peers not only as one of the greatest players in history but also for his influence & sense of humor.”

We here at sportsinvasion offer our thoughts and condolences to the Jones family at this tough time. Rest in peace sir.

2. Germany Goalie Fail- On a much lighter note, we have a highlight, or I should say low light, from the Germany USA soccer friendly late week. The US shocked many by winning the game 4-3, due in large part to a quite unforgettable mistake by German goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen.  USA was already up 1-0 when the Germany defense panicked after being pressured by the forwards of the US. What followed is a clip that will likely be around for years. Check out the blooper below.

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