Recently, the infamous number 55 of the Baltimore Ravens, Rolando McClain, had yet another arrest he can add to his ever-growing list of run ins with the law. Right after the news broke to major sources like Deadspin and ESPN the sports media was abuzz with speculation that that just might be the last straw with the Ravens.  Well those speculations turned to fact when McClain abruptly retired from the NFL at just 23 years old.

If you didn’t know this isn’t the first time McClain has had an encounter with the law. Not the second, third or even the fourth. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and revisit McClain’s other arrests to get a better sense of this athlete’s torrid affair with the law.

January 27, 2011

While home visiting, McClain was shot while driving around in his hometown of Decatur, Alabama. While the circumstances leading up to the shot fired are a little hazy, McClain was said to have purchased a gun on the same day of the incident.

December 1, 2011

Just a few short days after his first run in with the Decatur police, McClain had yet another altercation, only this one much more serious than the last. McClain tangled himself up in a scuffle that led to a charge of 3rd degree degree assault which included reckless endangerment and discharging a firearm within the city limits. McClain was said to have placed the gun that he purchased a few days back against the side of the other suspect’s head and threatened to shoot. McClain then went on to fire the weapon inches away from the other suspects head. In the end, McClain was ordered to pay $2,000 and spend 45 days in prison for each charge, a sum of 180 days.


November 18, 2012

The case above was still on appeal when the suspect in question decided not to press charges. It is rumored that the man was paid a cash settlement in order to drop that charges that would have seen McClain spend almost a half of a year in prison.

Not one to let the noise die down, McClain went to on get into a very heated argument with Raiders head coach Dennis Allen. After some dramatic Facebook status updates and media hubbub, McClain was suspended for two games.

January 8, 2013

Back in his hometown for the holidays, McClain was arrested yet again for giving an officer false information. The arrest occurred due to a routine traffic stop for McClain’s windows being too tinted past the legal limit. When pulled over, McClain proceeded to give the officer a false name which is what led to his arrest. McClain paid a small bond and was released later that day.

April 21, 2013

In his most recent run in with the law McClain was once again arrested in his home town of Decatur, this time for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. McClain found himself with a crowd of people who had congregated in a park. When asked to leave by the police many members of the group become disorderly and began to shout curses and slurs in the direction of the police officers. One such person was McClain who is stated to have said, “F*** the police”. McClain was briefly held in custody before he posted bail and was released.

This last arrest comes only weeks after his release from the Oakland Raiders and being signed on by the Baltimore Ravens. McClain is retired, but considering his young age, it wouldn’t be a shock to see him back in an NFL unfiorm somewhere. The question is, what team will be the one who tries to lure him out of retirement? Or is McClain so far gone that no one will try at this point? Only time will tell.

Written by Vincent Imhoff is a writer and California criminal lawyer who acts as a managing partner at Imhoff & Associates, P.C. He earned his law degree at Chicago-Kent College and his undergraduate degree at Lewis University. When he isn’t writing or practicing, Vincent finds time to ski on his favorite slopes and get some jogging in.