1. Titus Young Arrested…Again– There are people in professional sports who use their god given talent to the best of their abilities. Then there are people who waste the talent in a floundering career. Then there is five miles of shit. Then there’s Titus Young. I mean seriously, what is this guy’s deal? Young made headlines for all the wrong reasons this season, causing turmoil in the team after purposely lining up in the wrong position to get the ball, amongst other actions. Well since he has been released, Young has spent his time, breaking the law…alot. Young has been arrested three times this week, the latest being attempted burglary, assaulting a police officer, and resisting arrest.  You can read more about his run ins with the law here. I hope for his sake that he has some mental issues, and will get the proper help. At this point, any return to the NFL for the 23 year old receiver seems long gone.  Let’s just hope he doesn’t turn into the next tragic athlete death. Please get help Titus.


2. Amazing Soccer Finish- While the English Permership League gets all the TV time and coverage, the second tier of English football can sometimes produce the most dramatic results. This was on display between Watford and Leicester, who were battling it out for a shot at the Championship playoff finals. After nearly two full games, the squads were knotted up at 2-2, but Leicester looked to have the win secured after being awarded a penalty in the last minute of the game. However, things took an unexpected turn. I won’t reveal anymore. Just enjoy the amazing footage.

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