1. Ronde Barber Announces Retirement– Ronde may have been constantly overshadowed by his twin brother, Tiki Barber, who couldn’t seem to keep himself out of the headlines both during and after his football career, but he certainly had a hall of fame like career. The 38 year old corner retired from the NFL this year after almost 20 years in the league. Barber has spend his entire career in Florida, and will leave behind a legacy that paved the way for star corners like Darrelle Revis and Patrick Peterson. Even though I’m a Saints fan, I’ve always admired and respect the Buc corner for his game. Congrats on a great career Ronde Barber! See you in Canton.


2. Kiss Cam Gone Wrong– The kiss cam is one of the more imfamous sporting arena inventions in recent memory. This stare into couple awkwardness has been around for years, and usually the couples play along. Occasionaly, you’ll have the people too embarassed to do anything, or the camera will simply get it wrong, snagging friends or siblinds together instead. But I don’t think you’ve ever seen it go this bad. Check out this sequence of events between a couple where the man is a bit tied up with his phone call. What do you guys think? Real or fake? My money is on fake.



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