1. Manu Ginobili Does It Again– In 20 years, the San Antonio Spurs team of the 2000’s may go down as one of the best, and yet same time most underrated teams in NBA history, for the simple fact that all they did was win…ugly. The Lakers and Heat teams of this era will be remembered forever for how flashy they were, but no one has won more then the Spurs, and last night was a perfect example of why. They were pushed to the brink in double overtime by a young, upstart Warriors team led by future perennial all-star Stephen Curry. But as they so foten do, they managed to find a way to win. Manu Ginobili, who had struggled the entire game, and had just missed a very questionable shot badly, was the man who did it. Check out the amazing last second shot that got the Spurs a Game 1 win, handing the Warriors a heartbreaking loss at the same time.

2. Reds Menu– The flight from Chicago to Cincinnati is an hour long. On your everyday commercial flight, this warrants a soda and peanuts, if you are lucky. But if you are the Cincinnati Reds, well then you have time for a three course meal, with a wide variety of selections from a menu that looks like it’s from a five star restaurant. On their recent 60 minute flight to Chicago to take on the Cubs, Reds players could have chowed down on sushi, stir fry, angus sliders, and carrot cake, amongst many other options.  I don’t even know if they had time as you can’t have the tray table open for virtually half the flight. Check out the extravagant menu below.


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