1. Durant Donation– Kevin Durant is awesome. This isn’t news to you guys. We have profiled the many things that Durant does well, both on and off the basketball court, and today, we are doing it again. A few days ago, the city of Moore, Oklahoma was ripped apart by a mile long tornado, killing at least 24 people. Well many celebrities have expressed their thoughts and prayers to the victims, but Durant decided to send some money. Alot of it. $1 million to be exact. The Oklahoma star made the generous donation, tweeting “Praying for the victims of the Tornadoes in OKC these last few days..Everybody stay safe!” We love you Kevin Durant. Please stay the same way you are. Read more about the story and how you can donate here! 

Kevin Durant, Pau Gasol

2. Bobcats Now Hornets– The Charlotte Hornets were one of the toughest teams in the East in the 1990’s, led by Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mourning, amongst other stars. The Charlotte Bobcats on the other hand have been, the laughing stock of the NBA for years now. Well, owner Michael Jordan is hoping to get some of that luster back, announcing that he will change his team name back to the Hornets in 2014. This is a good decision, one of the rare few Jordan has made as head of this team. It’s best that we just forget that the Bobcats ever existed. Looking forward to seeing the Hornets name coming back, after the absurd New Orleans Pelicans. I mean really?

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