1. What was Jay Harris Thinking?– You may not know the name Jay Harris, but you would have likely heard about him doing things on the football field in the not so distant future. Harris was a standout high school wide receiver who signed on to play for the up and coming Michigan State Spartans. However, “would have” are the key words there. Apparently, Jay Harris is also an amateur rapper, and one of his music videos has gotten him into trouble. Harris posted a rap video just two weeks ago, after he signed with the Spartans, showing him smoking illegal drugs, and rapping explicitly. Of course the NCAA has a short leash for acts like this, and Harris has since been released from his scholarship. It will be interesting to see where he ends up. All I can say is….really Jay Harris? It never crossed your mind to maybe not post this now that you represent a major college campus? You can see the whole video here, but be warned, there is explicit language and images. 


2. Expensive Body Work- James Harrison is widely known as one of the best linebackers not only of his time but in the history of the NFL. The former two-time Super Bowl Champion with the Pittsburgh Steelers is now a Cincinnati Bengal, and even though Harrison is in the final years of his NFL career at age 35, Harrison will still be a huge factor for the Bengals, due in large part to the body work he puts in. I’m not talking about going to the weight room, though clearly he does. No, Harrison recently admitted that he spends “upwards of $600,000” a year to keep his body, which is essentially his livelihood, in it’s peak physical condition. This means renting out hyperbolic chambers to sleep in, weekly massages, legal supplements, and more. But hey, when you’ve made almost $25 million in the last four years, you can afford to splurge a bit, and given his past successes, he may just be on to something!

James HARRISON Jay Harris

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