1. Soccer Alley Oop–  Remember when Steve Nash used his soccer background to help out then teammate Amare Stoudemire in the dunk contest? Well he is a soccer influenced alley oop that easily has that beaten. This one comes from Pat the Rock and G. Smith all the way from Nanticoke, PA. It certainly is unlike any alley oop you’ve seen anywhere else. Enjoy the amazing video of the alley oop below.

Let’s look at that again.
2. Belgian Goalkeeper Hurt– Goalkeeper is always one of the more under appreciated positions in soccer and most all of sports. It falls into the category of position that is rarely praised and often criticized. In a game full of running and athletic ability, they stand in place for most of the game, only rarely getting involved. But occasionally  when called to action, disaster strikes, and that happened to Sporting Lokeren GoalkeeperPat tin a match against Club Brugge over the weekend.  Check out the somewhat graphic footage below. Barry suffered a concussion but didn’t have any further injury and is currently resting with his team.


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