On February 23 in the UEFA Champions League semi-final, first leg Bayern Munich went into the match labelled as underdogs. Not even a single person will remember that it featured arguably the two best teams in the world. Instead,what quickly envelops one ‘s mind is the hammering of Barcelona by Bayern Munich in the Allianz Arena. At halftime, the scoreline was 1-0 in favor of Bayern and after a scintillating second half display by the Germans, the competition was all but over. The scoreboard indicated 4-0 and Barcelona fans moved out of the Allianz Arena in hushed tones. Something was terribly wrong.

Messi quickly admitted that ‘we were inferior.’ Really they were! In the Camp Nou, the visitors repeated the feat with a 3-0 mauling of the hosts, completing a seven-point aggregate win and subsequently booking a place in the final against fellow rivals Borrusia Dortmund. That’s a reason to worry.


Oh well! Bayern finally lifted the Bundesliga Shield on Saturday 11 May 2013 after beating relegation strugglers FC Augusburg. The statistics are staggering. Bayern won the Bundesliga with six games to spare, a record. The Bundesliga champions lead their rivals Borrusia Dortmund by 25 points, for 91 Bundesliga points and at an astonishing plus-80 goal difference (stats from bundesliga.com).

The Bavarians also set the mark for greatest margin of victory in a season (85 points) and a record for fewest defeats (1) and fewest away losses (0) in a season.The list is endless! And there are undoubtedly a number of more significant records Bayern is going to break over the next three years.

They’ll be causing major changes to Germany’s record books, manufacturing shoes that Pep Guardiola will find it hard to fill next season. The only conclusion that one can draw is that Bayern is undoubtedly a team on top of its game and is arguably the best club in the world right now and possibly in the near future. The most scaring scenario to other clubs is that the club is continuing to develop and the balance of power in Europe is continuing to shift. That’s scary indeed!

Bayern Munich are extreme favourites to win the Uefa Champions League on Saturday 25 May, partly driven by their need to avenge their 2012 Champions League final loss to Chelsea in front of their own fans. If they win this one then more are expected to follow under the much celebrated leadership of Pep Guardiola. More raw talent is being added to the team, a good example being the acquisition of Dortmund midfielder Mario Gotze.


Recent transfer speculation has linked Bayern Munich to top players like Wayne Rooney, Robert Lewandowski and the Brazilian wonder-kid Neymar. If these speculations prove themselves to be true, then Bayern will develop itself into an even more formidable force that they already are. Balance of power has indeed shifted in Europe and Bayern is the team that is currently enjoying the benefits of being the best of all. There is no device to rate a team’s performance other than analyzing the results. Bayern Munich is currently the most successful club in the world. Never mind possession or attractive football: just look at results

Written by  Tatenda Makichi