Fans will have the chance to get to know a new side to the much-loved British football team, Chelsea FC, in their new monthly digital publication, Chelsea. The magazine will bring across the idea that there is more to these football heroes and their game than the public might think. They’ll feel like they truly know these stars, both on and off the field, and be ahead with the latest news and inside workings of the team.

Chelsea Magazine is available for only £3,25 (about $5) and is recognized as the official publication of these 2012 Champions League winners. But naturally, many will argue that they can get all the information and news online, so why would they want to buy a digital magazine? Well, the answer is simple. Chelsea Magazine offers the reader more.


New players are introduced and former players are hailed for the brilliance in detailed interviews, allowing readers to get to know them as people and not just players. The magazine not only gives the latest news and gossip, but also interesting speculations on upcoming matches and changes within the team. These speculations will give readers further insight into the team, allowing more informed opinions about the sport and the feeling of being included into the team’s most important decisions.

With Chelsea Magazine’s detailed list of upcoming match fixtures, there’s no need to search online or scan through the TV guide for the next game as all the fixtures are only a click of a button away. While these will keep fans and readers up to date, the beautifully photographed action shots of players from the previous month’s games will give them something to print out and pin onto their walls or save as background on a computer or cellphone.

If readers aren’t tickled by all these above mentioned features, then they might be by the fact that fan input is also included in the magazine. True fans now have the chance to let their own voices be heard in an official Chelsea publication.


The latest issue is an international special, with a feature on John Mikel Obi, or Mikel, as fans know him. It also reflects on the very successful Africa Cup of Nations campaign for Nigeria. An upcoming game between Russia and Brazil also takes the limelight. Previous issues featured a profile on Demba Ba and Robert Fleck looks back on his very successful Chelsea career of the 1990s.

Chelsea is the type of magazine that will get fans excited about the workings and insides behind football matches and if they haven’t yet been motivated to buy authentic soccer jerseys, soccer balls and other Chelsea merchandise, then getting into this magazine should definitely do the trick. Readers can either buy a single issue of the magazine, or subscribe for a reduced fee.

Will you be buying the Chelsea Magazine? What do you think of online publications? Let us know in the comments!