1. Yu Darvish Is Sick-  It has been quite a start to the season for Texas Rangers stud Yu Darvish. Darvish has allowed just six runs in five starts, and all of them came in two games, meaning he has pitched three scoreless games so far. Well we just may now know why he has been so effective. An amazing gif was recently posted of Darvish and a five pitch at-bat with Angels star Albert Pujols. As you can see below, Darvish has virtually the exact same throwing motion in all five pitches, yet they all end up drastically different. Check it out.


2. Incredible Gymnast-  File this under the “things you don’t see everyday” category. Stumbleupon is blowing up over this incredible gymnast, who appears to be doing tumbles on a trampoline of some sort. I don’t know what’s more impressive: the ridiculous backflips leading up to the landing, or the landing itself. You decide. Watch the amazing gif below.



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