1. Chris Paul is Clutch– Need anymore proof that Chris Paul is not only the best point guard in the league, but one of the top 5 players in all of the NBA? Well, here you go.  Last night, the Clippers and the Grizzlles battled in what is undoubtedly one of the more exciting first round matchups in these playoffs. Last night, with the game tied 91-91, the Clippers had the final shot.  While Blake Griffin is emerging as one of the game’s biggest stars, there was no doubt who was taking the final shot, and Paul proved why there is no doubt. Enjoy another hall of fame play, from a future hall of famer.


2. Matt Barkley Comments– I never made it a secret how much I wanted Lane Kiffin to be released after last season.  I thought the Trojans were a group of players, not a team, and were looking for a leader in their head coach. Well Lane Kiffin was not that force, and I don’t see him being that anytime soon. Apparently, star Quarterback Matt Barkley agrees with me. Barkley was honest about his thoughts on the lack of leadership in the locker room last year, saying that he wished he had done a bigger part. Here was one of the more telling quotes. You can read more on the interview here.

“You put faith in your coaches, but when you see trends, things not happening the right way, and when the team rests on your shoulders, it’s almost like you have to step up. You can’t just let these things go by and watch them disintegrate in front of you. You’ve got to put the glue in somewhere. Looking back, I wish I’d been more forceful.” – Matt Barkley


Barkley will one of the first quarterbacks taken off the draft board in this weekend’s NFL draft.

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