1. Ultimate Cheerleader Fails- I have an admiration for cheerleaders. Much like referee’s, they are rarely praised when they do a good job, short of national competitions of course. And yet, when they have a bad screw up, it’s often the next video to go viral. Well, we are about to add on to the latter. Today we have a compilation of some of the best cheerleader fails on the interwebs. While the stunt work fails make me cringe, I don’t understand how there are so many cheerleaders getting run over by football teams when they can clearly see them coming! But I digress. Enjoy the bloopers.


2. Cats Replace Balls- Ready to laugh? There are few things better in this world then kittens and sports. Kittens are adorable, and always put a smile on your face. Sports are exhilarating, and get your blood flowing. So what happens when these two worlds collide? Well wonder no longer. A tumblr has recently done the genius job of photoshopping kittens in for sports balls. My favorite is below, of Manchester United star Wayne Rooney dealing with an unexpected surprise! Check out all of them here!



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