Injuries are expected in combat sports and MMA (mixed martial arts) is no exception. Due to the combination of disciplines used in matches, fighters can take – and dish out – some brutal blows. Although no one wants to see someone seriously hurt, some of the damage inflicted on participants can be fascinating to say the least.

Corey Hill’s broken leg

This injury was so visceral that it quickly spread outside the MMA community – becoming famousaround the web. During UFC Fight for the Troops, lightweight fighter Corey Hill took on Dale Hartt and threw an unfortunate kick in the second round. Hartt managed to block the assault and the toll it took on Hill’s leg became infamous. The limb was shattered at the shin and the fight had to be immediately called off. Corey hill has since recovered and has continued his fighting career on the regional circuit.

Mark Hominick and the case of the second head 

UFC 129 saw champion Jose Aldo inflict serious damage on the forehead of Canadian fighter, Mark “the machine” Hominick. Despite putting up stiff resistance, the Canuck’s bonce was subject to a protracted assault and a freakishly large haematoma resulted. Hominick’s valiant effort would turn out to be in vain, with Aldo winning the match by a unanimous decision.


Ryan McGillvray’s flattened nose 

Given the dangerous nature of MMA, it’s unsurprising that injuries aren’t confined to the ring (or octagon). After taking a rogue knee to the face in training, Canadian fighter Ryan McGillvray suffered what might constitute the worst broken nose on record.


Renzo Gracie’s broken arm 

Japanese fighter Kazushi Sakuraba earned his nickname “the Gracie Hunter” with good reason. One example of his indefatigable fighting style was displayed at Pride 10, when he took down MMA stalwart Renzo Gracie with a brutal arm-break.

While on the receiving end of a technical kimura submission, Gracie refused to tap out and could only look on in shock as the Japanese legend unceremoniously snapped his arm.

Rob Evans tries to stand on broken leg 

In his Cage Rage 4 match against Ross Pettifer, US fighter Rob Evans suffered a graphic broken leg after throwing a rogue kick at his opponent. The injury was exacerbated as the pugilist attempted to stand on the shattered limb, immediately falling to the ground in a whole heap of pain.

It’s a testament to Pettifer’s conditioning that the blow was deflected, let alone that the responsible limb was snapped. The damaged was multiplied for Evans as the responsible kick marked the first blow of the match – taking him out of action for the foreseeable future.

Despite increasingly-effective rules to prevent injuries, MMA remains a hardcore sport and when two fanatically-trained participants are thrown together – there’s always a risk of damage. Given the sheer amount of bouts that take place as the format grows in popularity, it’s no surprise that it is responsible for some of the most visceral injuries in sport.

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