A lot of basketball fans enjoy betting on the results of matches in the NBA Championship, and on the potential winners of the title – unless they support the likes of the Detroit Pistons or the Charlotte Bobcats, where this is likely to be too painful to consider. In fact it is probably partly because some fans support sides where wins are scarce that other ways of betting on basketball – like fantasy basketball and themed slots games – are so popular. A game like the Slam Dunk slot is one of the best basketball based slots games around for real fans of the game, because the theme is more than superficial window dressing.

It’s a five reel, nine pay line slot – so far so standard – but beyond that you’ll notice the basketball aspects straight away. The reel icons include players, basketball sneakers, cheerleaders, shirts and a referee. The 23 shirt reel icon is likely to be particularly appealing for fans as of course it was the number worn by one of the greatest players of all time – Michael Jordan – and all of these icons are set in front of a backdrop capturing a typical basketball stadium. This icon also acts as the all-important wild symbol for Slam Dunk – which makes another good reason for playing it.

The wild symbol can stand in for any other symbol to give you a winning reel, which significantly improves the chances that you will win a payout by playing Slam Dunk. Visit here to give the game a go. Again the great chances of success are really integral to the appeal of a basketball slot like this, particularly if you don’t support one of the more successful sides in the NBA, and Slam Dunk delivers on that score – even if you don’t manage to get the maximum jackpot. That requires you to score five 23 jersey symbols on a single line, which is tough but not impossible – certainly more likely than the Bobcats winning the NBA!

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