The athletic ability of those that play football, basketball, baseball and other sports is amazing to watch.
These athletes making seemingly super-human feats of strength and ability look ordinary. Millions
of people watch every day as professional athletes entertain us with their talents and ability. Sporting
events draw huge crowds; we all want to witness these athletes performing difficult tasks against all
odds. These athletes perform at such a high level that it appears as though they are aided by technology.
Whether they are using their body to throw pitches accurately over one hundred miles per hour,
catching a football with one hand while the opposition does all they can to disrupt the pass, or leaping
high into the air to dunk a basketball we have athletes who can perform amazing tasks that make them
seem super-human.


These freak athletes such as LeBron James, Calvin Johnson and Tim Lincecum display athletic ability
beyond what is typical in their respective sports. Each dominates their position and is able to do so
against the most difficult odds. LeBron James is setting records that have stood for years while making
it look easy. Despite having other superstars on his team he’s able to stand out and make winning look
simple. Every night that his team plays you’re sure to see him in a highlight displaying amazing athletic
ability. This is the reason why people flock to see him play at various venues all around the country.

Calvin Johnson is able to pull in passes what an ordinary person would never be able to reach. He
knows just where to put himself so he has the best chance of getting his hands on the football. He does
this all the while teams are putting their best defender on him, attempting to keep him from the ball.
With his superior athletic ability he is able to create separation and reel in passes that no one else would
be able to touch. He is able to set himself apart from the other receivers in the league.


When it comes to pitching there are few who take the mound and dominate as well as Tim Lincecum.
He is able to rocket strikes past even the best major league hitters. His accuracy and ability to throw a
baseball incredibly fast sets him apart and makes him appear super human. If you want to set yourself
apart it takes a lot of hard work and practice. Another thing that will help you is kinesiology tape by
Strength Tape, it’s an athletic tape that is specially made to help your muscles, joints and tendons
without limiting your range of motion. It will give you the advantage you need, and keep your body
performing at a peak level.

Annabelle Smyth is a sports fanatic who’s favorite sports are baseball, basketball, and football.