With the Masters 2013 Golf Tournament right around the corner, it’s time to start looking at the competitors to gauge who has the potential to come out on top as they face off in Georgia this year.  There are plenty of amazing contenders competing this year, but admittedly, there are a few players who stand out above the rest.  Let’s look at some of the names who are most likely to come out of the tournament with a new green jacket.

Golf fans should really look out for Graeme McDowell in this year’s tournament.  McDowell was able to snag the twelfth place spot in the 2012 Masters Golf Tournament and now he’s back with confidence and a can-do attitude that’s sure to get him into one of the top spots this season.


Most fans will know Ian Poulter as one of the great opponents in last year’s Masters Tournament as he went home afterward with a seventh place win.  Poulter is known for being an amazing putter with a pretty fierce attitude about him that makes him seem like a golf warrior more than a golf player.  He’ll be a tough player to beat this year.

Brandt Snedeker has been getting praise all around the world right now after having been proclaimed one of the best golfers in the sport lately.  Some people have even compared to him a very popular comeback golfer and some sport enthusiasts say that Snedeker’s well on his way to beating him this year.  So far in 2013, Snedeker has participated in five tournaments and was awarded a spot in the top five each time he played.  As long as he gets his putting up to standard, he really has a great chance at taking the entire tournament.

A lot of people probably associate Phil Mickelson with being a mediocre player at best as he’s got a reputation for being rather unstable in his playing styles.  During one month, Mickelson will blow the competition out of the water whereas the very next month, he’ll barely be able to hit the ball in the hole.  These people seem to forget, however, that Mickelson was able to snag first place in the Masters Golf Tournament three separate times.  If he’s able to bring that same game to this season, he’ll skyrocket his way through the ranks in no time.

The Masters - Final Round

Of course, Tiger Woods should be watched extremely carefully by golf fans in this year’s tournament because there is quite a good chance that he’s going to walk away with the green jacket and a familiar grin on his face.  There was a lot of talk some time ago that Woods was out the game for good, having been dealing with quite a bit of stress in his personal and professional lives, but he’s returned better than ever and he’s a force to be reckoned with.  Woods did exceptionally well last year and everyone is expecting that we’ll see more of the same in 2013.

This year’s Masters Golf Tournament will certainly be an exciting one filled with a ton of amazingly talented players, most of whom have had previous successes both in Masters and other tournaments.  Fans would do well to keep their eyes on the players mentioned above because the chances are that they are the ones who will steal the show this year.

Who do you think will be the top contenders? Is Tiger Woods the favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Ashley Roberts is a sports enthusiast, and has loved watching the Masters over the years.