1. Terrell Owens…Model?– The post-retirement life for former NFL star Terrell Owens has been about as ridiculous and adventurous as his NFL career was. Owens was known for his off the field antics during his career, and he’s kept up with it after, starring in the T.O show, as well as Fox’s new show Stars in Danger: The High Dive. Well until then, Owens will be keeping busy as a model. Owens, who was never afraid to show off his 8 pack and sometimes 12 pack abs, will be modeling for Next Models LA, and we here at Sportsinvasion wish him all the best!


2. Shaq Does Harlem Shake–  You sick of the Harlem Shake craze yet? Neither are we. And apparently, neither is Shaquille O’Neal.  The former NBA star and future hall of famer recently joined the Blance Ely high school boys team in Florida after their state championship victory, and O’Neal led the way in an impromptu Harlem Shake. Check out the awesome video below.

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