1. Sergio Garcia Did What?– Get ready to see two of the most bizarre and amazing golf shots you will ever see. Both these came from the Arnold Palmer Invitational from over the weekend. First, we have Sergio Garcia, who’s shot literally ended up in a tree. Rather then lose a stroke by taking a drop, Garcia decide he would just climb the tree and hit it out, because…why not? Check out the awesome clip. Sergio Garcia, you may be my new hero.


Sergio Garcia Showing Off His Muscles
2. Nicholas Thompson Gets Wet– Sergio Garcia’s tree shot may have overshadowed what is surely one of the most impressive golf shots you will ever see. This one comes from Nicholas Thompson, who was in a similar position as Garcia. With his ball literally hanging on the edge of the bunker, Thompson decided to get alittle dirty by taking his shoes and socks off, and hitting his shot, while standing in the water! To get decent contact on it would be impressive enough, but Thompson nearly makes it in! Enjoy the amazing shot below.


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