1. Sherman Destroys Bayless– We’ve  all been there. Everyone at some point has wanted to put the contrarian  Skip Bayless in his place following yet another asinine yet ratings producing opinion.  But this time, someone is there to put Bayless in his place, and that person is Richard Sherman. The All-Pro corner recently appeared on ESPN First Take, and he had some rather poignant remarks for one Skip Bayless.  Thanks Richard Sherman!


2. Record Breaking Kicks– David Akers set NFL history earlier this year when he tied an NFL record with a 63 yard FG make against the Green Bay Packers.   Now, a high school kicker is making his rounds around the bloggosphere, and his name is Jonathan Semerene.  The young kicker was recently filmed booting record setting kicks, one of them being as long as 70 yards! Check out the amazing video below.

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