1.  Next Madden NFL Cover Boy– Last season, Calvin “Megatron” Johnson beat out Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton in the Madden Cover fan vote bracket. This year, Madden NFL turns 25 years old, and in honor of that, they have decided to pit old school players against new school players.  You can check out the bracket below. My first thought. Not that it really matters in the long run, but how do the 49ers get three of the four #1 seeds? Obviously Montana and Rice are worthy of it, as is rising star Colin Kaeprenick, but at least try to feign that you are unbiased guys. You can cast your vote here!


2. Fan Half Court Shot Doesn’t Count– This one is tough to watch. We’ve all been to basketball games where a fan comes out and has a shot at a certain large sum of cash. One of the more popular, and impossible, formats in recent years has been the lay up, free throw, three pointer, and half court shot, all within 30 seconds.  Well Alex Permann took his shot, no pun intended, at it at the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament over the weekend. Permann nailed the half court shot, but he missed out on the prize. Find out why below.


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