1. Lebron James Gets His Poster–  It seems like Lebron has been watching the news. He’s seen the clips of Deandre Jordan and Blake Griffin out in Los Angeles. He wanted to remind us all just how good he can be. In what was arguably his best game of the season, Lebron James led the Miami Heat to a  comeback 105-103 win over the Boston Celtics. Last night, James decided it was time to throw down his dunk of the year, over poor Celtics guard Jason Terry. Enjoy.

Deandre Jordan’s Face after he saw Lebron’s Dunk

2. Hawks Cheerleader Falls– On a different note, we have good news out of Atlanta. Last night, a cheerleader fell down during a in game performance, and was taken off on a stretcher. Fortunately, the cheerleader, who the Hawks wish not to identify, was released from the hospital today and cleared of any serious injury. We here at Sportsinvasion wish her all the best in a full recovery. You can view video of the fall from the game below.

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