1. Kawhi Leonard Having a Week- It’s good to be Kawhi Leonard this week. The second year swing forward from the San Antonio Spurs has been all over the highlight reels with his incredible dunks. Last night, he pulled this gem of a play off against the Dallas Mavericks, but we are going to highlight a play from a few days ago. In a big game against the Spurs’ biggest threat in the West, Oklahoma City, Leonard made this incredible full length steal and dunk to get the fans going. The Spurs went on to dominate the game, due in large part to the aforementioned Leonard. Enjoy!


2. Really Notre Dame?- There have been some ugly uniforms worn in the past few years. Remember these eye sores worn by the Broncos? And we can go old school with one of these throw back all star jerseys. However, this one takes the cake for me. The Notre Dame basketball team decided to bust out their “shamrock shake” uniforms against Marquette last night. Whoever thought these would look great on a basketball court was nuts. Maybe they thought they could be a good distraction. I mean, look at those pants!


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