1. JaVale McGee Alley Oop– We like to poke fun at JaVale McGee here at Sportinvasion. Partly because he’s so easy to make fun of. But make no mistake. The man has talent. And he can throw down a big dunk or two. Lost in the ruckus of DeAndre Jordan’s amazing dunk was McGee completing an impressive alley-oop of his own in a game against the Pheonix Suns. Check out the impressive play below.


Bonus McGee picture
2. Unwelcome Intruder– There have been some interesting animal interruptions in sports matches around the world, but most of the time, they don’t bite. Well the martan that invaded a Swiss Super League match did. An animal related the the weasel, the martan charged onto the field both times, biting Zurich’s Loris Benito in the process. The video of the players trying to chase the large rodent down is pretty comical. Enjoy.



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