1. Pitcher Tackles Opponent– Baseball is the Nation’s pastime, and one of it’s most honored and esteemed of sports. However, it can get ugly sometimes, as was evidenced by a very dirty play in a recent college game. The teams in question are Berry and Hendrix college. During the game, a Berry college pitcher throws a wild pitch, letting the Hendrix running advance home. The pitchers job is to cover home plate, but her had other things in mind. Check out the latest baseball dirty hit below.


2. Funny Dunk– Basketball hoops were only built to sustain a certain amount of power. That is why you will frequently see backboards shatter, and hoops break. However, Shaquille O’Neal was known for doing one thing back in the day: bring the entire basket down. Well now, you can add Washington high school player Dexter Sienko. The St. George forward literally brought the house down with an amazing dunk in a state playoff game. Enjoy.


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