1. Griffin Responds to Jordan– It seems like Lob City, or the Los Angeles Clippers as some know them as, make an appearance in our daily invasions every week now. Last week, DeAndre Jordan threw his hat in the ring for dunk of the year with this poster he took with Brandon Knight. Well it seems like Blake Griffin wanted to remind us just how amazing he can be with this insane reach back alley oop. Check out this week’s installment of Lob City diaries below.


2. The Puck Did What?–  Well here’s something you’ve never seen before. Hockey pucks are built to handle a ton of abuse.  They get slapped around a ton. Hit the wall and goal posts going at speeds of 100 miles an hour. But despite all that abuse, have you ever seen a puck burst in two? Well get ready to scratch that off your bucket list.  In a recent Swiss Hockey League playoff game between Fribourg-Gotteron and EHC Biel, Cedric Botter took a slap shot that ended up in the back of the yet. Well some of it did anyways.

The goal ended up not counting. Here’s a photo of the incident.
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