1. Florida Gulf Coast Alley Oop– Well in case you were living under a rock yesterday, #15 seed Florida Gulf Coast University shocked the world when they upset #2 Georgetown. What’s most impressive is how easily FGCU did it. They led the entire game, and never showed signs of slowing down, as evidenced by this place. With 90 seconds to go, FGCU held a seven point lead, and were looking to beat the press. They got to the front court, and a classic March Madness clip was born, thanks to Chase Fieler. Check out the amazing play below.


2. Weird MMA Story– File this one under bizarre story of the year. On his way to a fight last month, 25 year old Charles Rowan was killed in a car accident. Or so people thought. MMA promoters Christo Piliafas and Scott DiPonio believed he had, and raised $1,000 for Rowan’s family to help pay for the family, who also thought that Rowan had died. Well that all changed when Rowan was arrested earlier this week for armed robbery and assault after he and his girlfriend, Rosalinda Martinez, tried to rob a gun shop.  It now sounds like the fake death was a scheme for them to fly under the radar for the crime. To that, I have one word: REALLY?! In my opinion, these two should be put away for a long time, not just for the crimes they committed, but for the pain they caused their family and friends who were no doubt grieving about the loss. Just…wow. You can read more about the story here.



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