1. Keisel Cuts his Beard– You may not no who Brett Keisel is by the mention of his name, but you surely know his face.  Or I guess you should say his beard.  The Pittsburgh Steelers offensive lineman shaved his beard for charity for the third year in a row, and the results are quite shocking to look at.  Check out the photo below, which shows Keisel before and after the shave.


2. Is that who I think it is?–  Last week, several athletes got together for quite a unique photo shoot.  Many athletes, ranging from Olympians to NFL players, recreated some of the most iconic album covers to date.  We have two images highlighted here: below you have swimmer Ryan Lochte giving Nirvana’s “Nevermind” his own spin, and in the featured image, we have Tampa Bay QB Josh Freeman providing a remix to Michael Jackson’s iconic album “Thriller”. You can see the rest here.


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