1. Three Airballs…In a Row– Mirza Teletovic made a name for himself in the Nets-Pistons game last night, but it’s not one that he will be proud of.  Teletovic was running a pick for his point guard when he popped open on the three point line.  He got the ball, put it up, and couldn’t catch iron.  This proceeded to happen again….and then one more time. Why the Nets kept feeding him the ball, I have no idea. But regardless, it makes for great entertainment for us. Check out the video below.



2. Tragic Super Bowl News– We end the post Super Bowl week on a sad note. Delanie Walker, who was part of the 49ers team that lost the Super Bowl, got news much worse then losing a simple game. The night of the Super Bowl, his Aunt and Uncle were tragically killed by a drunk driver. The two were stopped on the side of the rode at 5:30 am when a car sideswipped them, killing them at the scene of the accident. This should serve as another reminder to not drink and drive, but it won’t. But here’s my plea. Everyone knows how much is too much. If you are flirting with the line, don’t drive. It’s simply not worth the risk.  RIP Alice and Bryan Young. This shouldn’t have been your time.


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