1. Nationwide Series Crash– The grandest spectacle in all of NASCAR, the Daytona 500, is underaway today, but all everyone is talking about is a horrific crash on the final lap of a Nationwide Series race yesterday. Driver Kyle Larson appeared to get the worst of the crash, as his car flew into the protective fence, causing a cloud of chaos and confusion.  While no drivers were injured, 28 bystanders were hurt by flying wreckage. You can see the scary looking footage below, and buzzfeed complied a list of photos from the scene here.

2.  Abdul Jabbar and Snooki Meet– Ever wondered what it would look like to see 7’2 basketball legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar take a photo with the pint sized 4’8 Snooki from Jersey Shore? Well wonder no longer. Yesterday, Abdul Jabbar tweeted the amazing photo below of him posing with two of the Jersey Shore stars. The trio of famous faces were appearing on the Conan O’Brien show earlier in the week.


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