1. Irving Breaks Knight’s Ankles– Kyrie Irving is quickly emerging as one of the brightest stars in the NBA. If Irving wasn’t wasting his talent in a city like Cleveland, he would have already taken the nation by storm. Irving already won the hearts of many with his hilarious Uncle Drew video. Now, he’s simply showing off as himself. In last night’s Rookies vs Sophomores game, Irving was guarded one-on-one by Brandon Knight, and he took Knight to school. Enjoy.

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2. Ray Edwards Knockout– Ray Edwards is a free agent defensive end who used to play for the Atlanta Falcons. During the 2011 lockout, Edwards kept in shape by working on his boxing game. Now that he isn’t making an NFL pay check, he is sticking with the boxing thing. Last week, Edwards recorded a rather easy win, though some question the KO. Check out the pretty funny footage below, as Edwards dominates his opponent.

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