1. Padraig Harrington’s New Career?– Perhaps professional golfer Padraig Harrington caught the Super Bowl fever? The golfer had alittle fun with the crowd at the Waste Management Open (yes that’s really what it’s called).  On the 16th hole, Harrington grabbed a football, and decide to play kicker for a day. Check out his impressive boot in the video below.


2. Fun NFL Facts– This morning, I did some extensive research today to prove a point to my buddy. I wanted to see what NFL division was statistically the best and the worst over the last twelve years. So I thought I’d share the fun facts with you guys. In the NFL, from 2001 to this last season, the NFC East has been the toughest division in football. They tied for the most wildcards, 9, with the AFC North, and are tied with the NFC South for fewest teams with losing records at 17.

AFC South and NFC North are next on wildcards, with 7 each, and the AFC East is fifth, with 6.

For losing seasons, the NFC West was easily the worst, with 30. AFC North was 2nd with 23, and AFC East 3rd with 22.

It should be noted that the AFC and NFC South numbers should come with an asterisk, because those divisions did not exist in the first year of this study.  The full list is below.

Wild Cards

AFC East- 6

AFC North-9

AFC South- 7

AFC West- 2

NFC East- 9

NFC North- 7

NFC South- 5

NFC West-4

Losing Seasons

AFC East- 22

AFC North-23

AFC South- 17

AFC West-20

NFC East-17

NFC North- 19

NFC South- 18

NFC West- 30

What do you make of these numbers? Would you say that the NFC is the toughest division in football since 2001? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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