1. 11 Year Old Prodigy– Ok. Who do you guys think has already contacted this kid? Kentucky? Kansas? USC? 11 year old Julian Newman became an overnight sensation last week when his highlight reel went viral. Despite being just 4′ 11, the kid wonder is already slicing and dicing varsity level competition.  Once this kid starts growing, he could be virtually unstoppable. Check out the amazing footage below.


2. Toddler Super Star– The other young basketball star we have for you today is a tiny toddler named Titus. Titus is just two years old, and yet, he is already the star of one of the most popular trick shot montages on youtube. I’m curious as to how long it took them to make this video. You would think he would have to be way off a few dozen times or so right? Or maybe he just is that good. I wonder if any college coaches are trying to track down the family’s number yet?


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